Nose and Face Wrinkle Balm




Nose and face wrinkle balm Specially formulated for the sensitive nose and the face area.

Contains Vitamin A, C, E.

– Deeply moisturizing for the nose and for those with face wrinkles

– Helps to protect against harmful UV rays

– Doesn’t contain any essential oils, so as not to cause photosensitive or irritation to their senses.

– Will heal the damage caused by the sun or other minor ailments.

– Anti-inflammatory

– Contains Carrot Seed oil. Benefits are:- Skincare, first aid, healing, scarring, skin conditions. Super gentle.

– Contains Raspberry seed oil. Benefits are:- Skin health, Lowers inflammation, Prevent UV damage, Assist the healing process, and is a powerful antioxidant that helps to rejuvenate cells and prevent skin damage.

None of Walking the Pack Natural Range contain any artificial colours, fragrances, or preservatives. All-natural ingredients, all the time.


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