Charcoal shampoo bar – Large




This charcoal shampoo contains activated charcoal which is the same stuff used in medical and beauty products.
It will draw out toxins from the skin including those that could be causing skin irritation and severe itchiness,
Brighten both light and dark coats without leaving behind any residue.
Helps to clear dandruff.
It will absorb all the nasty smell causing bacteria including pesky fox poo.
It’s gentle on the skin, so it won’t cause any irritation no matter how often you are forced to wash them.
As an added bonus it also contains:-
Cedarwood essential oil – clears up dandruff, also relieves itchy skin, and helps to heal dermatitis.
Sweet Orange is great for repelling bugs including fleas, deodorizes, and treats mild skin conditions.
Large bars are perfect for larger breeds or those who may need washing more often. It comes with a handy rope to make it easier to hold.


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