Let’s know us!

Welcome to Walking the Pack Natural Range. Here the wellbeing of the dogs will always out way the want of the humans.

We started making products for dogs after one of your dogs who loves nothing more than to roll in the smelliest things imaginable, which meant having to be washed on a regular basis. This resulted in his skin and fur becoming dry, dull and brittle. After taking a much closer look at the ingredients that were actually in the products including the so called “sensitive” shampoo, we realised that these dog shampoos were causing all the problems. So after extensive research, trial and error the first all natural dog shampoo was made and it was the best thing we’re ever put on our boy. His coat is thick, shiny, soft and just totally healthy. He smells great… after the fox poo has been washed out. We will never go back to using the other products again!

All our products are full of natural, high quality, and of course dog friendly ingredients. Only top quality essential oils, absolutely no artificial preservatives or fragrances. If you were to pay closer attention to the ingredients in most of the dog products you find in stores, they are full of harsh chemicals, artificial colours & fragrances. Which even though the law states they can be used on dogs, they are by no means good for them, actually research has been shown that that can cause more harm than good.

If we won’t put it on our very spoiled dogs, we certainly wouldn’t expect you to put it on yours.